Publicity Success Secrets: How to get featured in the FT

‘If you are good at what you do, the world deserves to know’!

Are you interested in securing publicity? If yes, watch this short Publicity Success Story. In this interview William shares with us how PR has become an important part of his marketing strategy and how he will always make sure he has a budget for it. Within a few months William secured ongoing articles one of which was with a supplement for the FT and not only has it increased his business it has also been amazing to position him as the expert whilst working as an independent consultant within his business.

Williams believes ‘If you are good at what you do, the world deserves to know’!

  • Why Williams wishes PR was part of his strategy sooner
  • Why he no longer puts all his eggs into one basket
  • How to be realistic with PR with an ongoing presence and how to help the media
  • How William now gets the media coming to him
  • How to position your articles to your target market to attract the exact customers you want!
  • See what articles William had covered in national press
  • Where to start with your PR and how to make an article newsworthy
  • How to get the same article picked up by more than one national newspaper
  • How William had the IOD tweeting all about the article they covered on him
  • How to ensure your PR stays on the Internet attracting new ongoing customers and partners
  • How to leverage your PR without selling to your customers

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