So where you are at with your PR?

So where are you at with your PR?

As business owners we often have to master all skills required and marketing can be a full time role of its own with blogging, SEO, social media etc

Is it part of your marketing strategy?

PR is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of raising your profile, building credibility and of course attracting new customers.

However it’s often the forgotten marketing tool as most of us do not know where to start with PR, think its going to cost to much or often to scared to approach Journalists.

The good news is…

Now could not be a better time to consider PR as part of your marketing strategy, Journalists, Producers, Bloggers and Editors are literally crying out for help with articles, stories and expert comments.

So where do you start I hear you ask…

There are two ways to approach the media

1 You can write a press release or introduction email and approach the media yourself or

2 You can sit back and let the media come to you

Over the coming weeks I will be offering you lots of tips, trick and tools on how to approach the media to secure publicity for your business, you will hear from journalists, producers and business owners just like you that have gone on to secure massive success with PR.

In the mean time let’s introduce you to the easy way…

Watch this success story of Rosemary replied to a Journo Request and secured national PR coverage within minutes.

You will find out:

• How to help out a journalist and secure publicity for yourself
• How to give the media the comments they are looking for and be credited with your business, Win Win!
• How to look at twitter media requests each day with an open mind to secure PR
• How easy it is to actually respond to a media request
• How to get into a daily routine and spend 10 minutes a day being proactive with Journalists
• How to get into the medias database so that they call you to be the go to person and expert for Radio, Press and TV.
• How to secure Radio interviews on an ongoing basis
• How to understand the media want your help and how not to be scared of the media.
• How to make PR easy in the smallest amount of time.

You can get access to Daily PR leads (previously called Media Den) for just £29 per month. Each working day at 2pm we will email you all the Journo Requests from Journalists that are looking for help that day with articles, stories and expert comments. Membership is flexible and you can cancel at anytime if you feel the service is not for you.

Get started and find out more


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