Where would you like to be featured in the media?

Have you considered where you would like to be featured in the media?

Like most things in business, if you are looking to secure ongoing publicity for your business a little PR strategy is required.

It’s not that difficult or time-consuming to get started, think about what are the top five media outlets that you would like to get featured in? A media outlet is a type of media, such as Radio, TV, Print, Online, etc

The best way to decide who you should be approaching is to think about who your customers are and what do they listen to, read or watch.

Take a little time and do your research and come up with your top five major outlets of where you would like to be featured and ask yourself these questions, do you customers read that newspaper? Or listen to that radio show? If not then you are thinking about the wrong type of media outlets.

Always start your PR journey with the end in mind, after all securing PR is not about ego, it’s about raising your profile, building credibility and attracting future customers.

Make a cuppa and have a think about who are your ideal top 5 media outlets and start reading, watching and listening to get an idea of their style and topics. Plus make a note of their contact and social media details as you go along.

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