Meet The Journalists

Publicity Coaching & Media Training with Editors, Producers and Journalists.

Meet The Journalists and get access to ongoing interviews such as:

Top Tips on How to Get on TV News Channels.

In this interview with a TV News Reporter you will find out:

  • Where people go wrong when trying to get on TV and BBC News
  • Why News channels are always looking for Experts
  • How far in advance should you approach BBC News with your story
  • How to approach getting coverage if you have a topical news story
  • How the BBC use social media to get their stories

PLUS Radio Producer, the Do's and Don'ts of Radio

In this interview with a radio producer you will find out:

  • How you should approach radio producers
  • What they do with all the press releases they receive
  • What makes them look at a press release
  • If you have to always be interviewed at the radio station or you can be interviewed just over the phone

You will receive ongoing media interviews with journalists across national and regional outlets plus trade for B2B, bloggers and influencers.

Keeping you up to date and in the know with digital PR and how easy it can be to secure ongoing publicity.

Join today with flexible membership of only £29 per month.

PLUS when you join as a bonus you can also have immediate access to our Meet The Journalists Event recording. Value £97

This event was a sell out with 6 journalists on the panel, listen to Q&A's plus business owners pitching their story. 80% that pitched at the event secured publicity as a direct result.

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