Journalists Interview : How to secure regional press coverage

Journalists interview with Editor Peter John of Newsquest Regional Newspapers

Today’s media sound bite covers ‘What journalists look for in a story’ and ‘Why you shouldn’t get to hung up on a news angle’ and ‘How the papers set aside space for local stories’

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In this full interview you will learn:

  • What journalists look for in a story
  • Why you shouldn’t get to hung up on a news angle
  • How the papers set aside space for local stories
  • What’s the % split of editorial and community news?
  • How regional newspapers set aside sector pages such as health, business etc
  • Do you have to have a local or regional connection to get regional press coverage
  • Where organisations go wrong when approaching journalists and the right way to approach regional press to secure publicity
  • How to get over the fear of approaching regional newspapers
  • What you need to send over to the journalists to grab their attention
  • Should you send pictures and are they welcomed
  • Should pictures be sent high or low resolution
  • How long should an email/article/ press release be
  • How long is a typical article
  • How long is an article if it’s a picture story
  • How close to deadline do journalists work and when is the best time to approach a weekly newspaper
  • If journalists work across multiple newspapers within the group i.e. a business reporter, political reporter, education etc
  • How you can work with journalists so it’s efficient for them and you
  • What’s the best way to approach journalists i.e. is it via email or phone
  • How to find out if you have an interesting story
  • Do regional press journalists prefer contact direct or do you have to go through a pr agency
  • What not to do when approaching journalists
  • What would make a press release go straight into trash
  • What would make a press release stand out
  • How to make a good impression to journalists within seconds
  • How regional press has changed
  • How regional journalists work differently now across print and online and how they have different pressures and styles
  • How to follow a style of a newspaper
  • Find out the biggest way journalists find stories and how it’s all changed
  • Why regional press are interested in human-interest stories
  • How businesses and organizations can provide accessible information
  • How the big organizations fail when approaching the press and how to make sure you do not make that mistake
  • How to stop your story going to the wrong section of the newspaper
  • Find out key tips to find our your point of contacting journalists
  • How to guarantee media coverage and publicity for your business
  • Find out the most unused places in the paper that you could secure pr coverage in that will raise your profile
  • How to become the go to person and expert within your sector
  • How to become a columnist find out how many regional newspapers use, you will be amazed
  • Why regional newspapers use columnists and where they get them from
  • How you can approach regional newspapers as the columnist
  • How to understand the newspaper and audience
  • Where the regional press is going and how it’s changing with going online
  • How will daily regional newspapers change and will they stop in the future
  • How lifestyles are changing and how society access news and information is changing with it
  • The model regional press work to to keep sustainability with the pace changing so quickly and find out where social media sits with regional newspapers
  • How forward planning works with regional press
  • Find out the split between incoming press stories and journalists finding stories via social media
  • How regional social media journalists are building trust within the community
  • Are journalists ever out to get you and should you be wary
  • How regional press is transparent and how you can trace the development of a story
  • How social media is shaping the outcome of news stories
  • How the media are more reactive to communities and why
  • Why tone is as important as accuracy with reporting regional news stories
  • Do you contact specific journalists or send your article to a generic news desk
  • How to build trust between you and the journalists and why its key to build rapport
  • How regional press may work with other media outlets
  • How they syndicate stories to agencies so the nationals can pick up on your story which could snow ball your media coverage
  • How agencies work to sell a story
  • Why journalists want your story and how they get paid

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You can access this full interview via Club100  along with further media interviews with journalists across Radio, TV and Print, plus all the PR training you will need to get PR ready. Find out more & join or log in if you are already a member.
























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