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  • “How to get started with your own PR and secure media coverage across TV, Radio, Print and Online"

    Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

    *Find out how to increase your odds of being featured on all media channels such as TV, radio and print
    *Find out the biggest mistakes to avoid when pitching to the media (including ones that could get you blacklisted forever!)
    *Find out how to position yourself as ‘The Expert’ and get into the Journalists ‘little black book

    This free PR & media training webinar is available to everyone and is perfect for anyone new to wanting to do their own PR or a great refresher to bring you up to speed with how the media works today.

    To register click here

  • Meet The Journalist Event for anyone in Wealth, Finance, Investment and Small Business

    Pitch your story direct. To find out more and register click here

  • Club100 On Demand Masterclass: How to get PR ready and start taking PR action!

    PR & Media Training Masterclasses  This masterclass is focusing on getting you PR ready PLUS you will be taking PR action that will get results. This was a live ‘done with you’ session and you will have a worksheet to make your notes and get started with your PR journey. You will learn:

    *Are you PR ready?
    *Do you have a press page?
    *Who is your ideal media hit list?
    *How to copies media styles and make securing OR easier for yourself?
    *What are you an expert in?
    *Who are experts in your field?
    *Topics you can comment on?
    *What media do you want to target?
    *How to approach the different types of media such a regional press, TV, radio, industry press etc
    *How to provide content, topics and articles to the media
    *How to become the influencer and associate with influencers

    This  masterclass is available to all our Club100 members.

    You can join & get started with Club100 for just £100, Plus you have a 100% 30 day money back guarantee.

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On Demand PR & Media Training:

  • How to connect to UK Journalists, Influencers and Media Outlets

    Complimentary: Find out how you can gain access to over 44 000 media contacts and 760 000 Journalists with BlueBoo Media Database and join our next group demo.

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